What’s the Skinny on Richard and Jay?

In our current world of empty promises and extra icing on, well, everything, we need a couple of big boys to cut through the flaky crust of misdirection and popular opinions to get to the meat of the matters clogging the arteries of our daily lives.

2 gay 40 somethings, Jay is the insightful, soft spoken one whose vigilant research helps him form educated opinions on all topics, great and small.

Richard is the loud one who often speaks before he thinks (if at all) and isn’t afraid to share his opinions no matter how misguided. No wonder he is a stand up comic.

Whether it is pop culture or popcorn, Richard and Jay’s unedited, honest interpretations on issues great and small will at best, give you something extra to think about. And at worst, make you hungry for more.

And by more, we mean pie.

Where to Find Stuff?

The Skinny is where it is at and under there you will find our smorgasbord of wisdom and out right goodness.

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