Bye Felicia: Sarah Sanders asked to leave restaurant

Waking up from my post Pride Run nap, I grab my phone to skim through Twitter for inspirational photos of menz in various forms of undress and I come across numerous tweets about Sarah Sanders being asked to leave a restaurant….for….well being Sarah Sanders.

Of course she is crying foul. Her daddy is crying foul, and those that support Trump with their 2 brain cells cry foul.

I am bringing this up because it falls in line with our “let them eat cake” conversation. Sure go ahead and big a dick and refuse to bake a cake for a loving couple. BUT you have to tell us with a massive sign, that takes up 30% of your store front window. Then, we, as consumers, can decide where to shop.

The owner of the Red Hen, simply decided she didn’t want to serve the women that helps to propagate the lies and discourse that comes from the White House. Sarah Sanders is a dick and just like we can chose to not buy from her, if she was a shop owner, we sure as fuck can refuse to take her money.

Bye Felicia…

Thanks to @kathygriffin and @gingerbums for posting this on their twitter timelines for me to find.

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  1. Of course there has been a mass backlash of Republicans, Drumpsters and Huckaboneheads against The Red Hen restaurant. The funny part is they don’t care if they harass the right Red Hen. Check out this article; “‘Liberal trash’: Ontario eatery the victim of online backlash from Sarah Sanders supporters | CTV News“.

    Also, I read this headline; “Remembering when a baker turned away Joe Biden and received praise from conservatives” and to be honest, I do not ever remember hearing about that.

    This just goes to show that “they” just don’t get it and “they” need to be taught a lesson. GET OUT AND VOTE. Oh and listen to Auntie Maxine!

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